24 Hours at Hilton Beach Tel Aviv

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Hilton Beach is one of the beaches that border Tel Aviv's beautiful Mediterranean coast. Views of piercing-blue waves and powdered soft golden sands entice guests looking to unwind in a scenic coastal location. Hip youngsters and surfers are drawn to the plush waves and luxurious surroundings. Put the sightseeing on hold for a day and visit Hilton Beach to experience Israelis' passion for seaside entertainment. Trust us, you will probably wish you had done that more!

This beach, which is popular with both locals and tourists, is a sequence of well-kept sandy crescents divided by rocky breakwaters. The breakwaters not only hold the sand in place and shelter the beach from the Mediterranean waves, but they also separate the beach into three distinct zones, each with its own personality and purpose.The north zone

To the north is the "Dog Beach" (Hof Haklavim), which is one of the few dog-friendly beaches in Tel Aviv. You can bring your four-legged pal here and spend time in the sun while they enjoy running free on the sand.

The middle zone

The middle section of the Hilton Beach Tel Aviv is the world's most recognised gay beach in Tel Aviv. During Tel Aviv's Gay Pride week, this part of the beach comes alive with activity full of rainbow flags, a lot of bright colours and a day of partying and festivity.

The south zone

The southernmost portion of Hilton Beach Tel Aviv is known as Surfer's Beach. Although the location offers a range of watersports such as kayaking and paddleboarding (there are classes for kids and beginners too) it has some really good waves for the surfing addict.

Regardless of which of the three parts you choose, the natural beauty of the sea and the general ambiance of this Tel Aviv beach are unmatched.

How to spend your day at Hilton Beach Tel Aviv?

First stop: Hilton Beach Club TLV. You have so much to do on this Tel Aviv beach, from learning water sports to lounging in luxury. At the Hilton Bay Beach Club TLV you can grab a delicious cocktail, some brilliant food and soak in the sun like a superstar.

The exclusive VIP complex will provide you with a panoramic view as well as a fantastic entertainment experience. Relax in a connecting Jacuzzi pool or read a book on one of the lounge sofas, either way you will be surrounded by some great people, awesome music and world-class cuisine.

The water is safe to swim in, and lifeguards watch the beach during the day. You'll find everything you need for a comfortable visit, including changing rooms, showers, and toilets.

The beach receives regular rolling waves due to a reef located off the shoreline and is one of the country's most revered surf places. Kayaks, surfboards, and windsurfing equipment can all be rented.

Convenience at its prime!

This Tel Aviv beach has it all: two lifeguard stations, a cafe-restaurant, deck chairs for rent, a surfing club, and sports and games equipment. It is fairly accessible, and parking is always available at the Hilton hotel or nearby. The Hilton Beach has recently been upgraded to make it easier for their disabled guests.As the sun begins to set, the whole vibe transforms. Watch as the sky turns into a stunning display of orange, pink, red, and yellow hues. Stroll down the pier, rest on a seat, and reflect on the contrast between the sunset and a cityscape lit up by thousands of lights.Getting to Hilton Beach Tel AvivHilton Beach is around a 15-minute walk from Tel Aviv Port. You can get here by walking down the Lahat Promenade, which extends all the way to Charles Clore Park. You can even park for free at the Hilton hotel or closeby on the street parking. But keep in mind though that the free parking gets full pretty easily, which is why it is probably a good idea to walk there!

A day at this Tel Aviv beach is pleasurable, peaceful, quiet, and serene, and it provides a fantastic peek into Israeli style and culture because it is always crowded with Israelis. If you just have a limited amount of time to spend at the beach, a trip to Hilton Beach is well worth it and will not disappoint.

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