Chasing Sunsets on Israel's Coast

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While sunsets on Tel Aviv beaches are all the rage on Instagram, the picturesque phenomenon is popular for more than just social media, obviously. Watching the day fade to night is a spectacular experience, before venturing out to a romantic restaurant in a beach club tlv or hitting a party at a beach bar. Trust us, this is a must-do, or rather must-see.

Gordon Beach

While every beach in Tel Aviv has a beautiful sunset, Gordon Beach in particular is breathtaking. As you watch the sun set into the Mediterranean, let the constant click of matkot paddles lull you into a trance. Looking at the hues is simply incredible, and savouring such beauty at the end of a long and tiring day is simply a blessing and inspiration.

This spot is just a 5 minutes' walk from Tel Aviv's crowded Dizengoff Boulevard, just grab a shake and a carry your favourite book just in case you reach early, pick a spot on the sand or limestone rocks near the coast, and you have front row seats to the most magnificent sunset in Israel.

Hilton Beach

Just a quick walk from the city centre is one of the most fun, young and vibrant Tel Aviv beaches. With 14 kms of coastline, this beach is packed with facilities, a luxurious beach club tlv that offers everything from delicious cocktails and great food to good music and some real fancy amenities. FYI it is frequented by celebrities, is disabled friendly and even has a corner for your furry friends!

Tel Aviv and Jaffa

One of the greatest ways to enjoy the sunset is to stroll or cycle down Tel Aviv's beach promenade up to Jaffa, which is lined with palm trees, beach bars, and restaurants like Calypso and Manta Ray.

Tel Aviv Port

After a long day of seeing Tel Aviv, nothing beats taking in the stunning evening skies before the nightlife kicks into high gear. Several Tel Aviv beaches and promenades, notably those in the Old Port neighbourhood, are excellent places to unwind. You may see the old city of Jaffa silhouetted against the setting light if you look out to sea to your left.

Another great spot to view the sunset is north of Tel Aviv, right behind the commercial mall and eateries. Under sun umbrellas, cool concrete seats await you on the wooden port front row seats. Walk down the promenade, watch the waves crash against the concrete wall, youngsters chasing the waves, Tel-Aviv port is calm, hidden, and always lends a brilliant view of the setting sun.
Herzliya & Arsuf
Herzliya, located just north of Tel Aviv, has a gorgeous beach, a marina, and an ancient fortification that dates back more than 2,500 years. If you want to stretch your legs some more, why not walk around these places?

Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee, also known as the Kinneret in Israel, is a freshwater lake in northern Israel. The lake is surrounded by natural splendour, including the Golan's rolling hills and the Jordan River valley. The higher part offers brilliant views of the lake. You'll be amazed as the evening light reflects across the water's surface, creating a stunning ambience and a rainbow of hues.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the world's lowest spot on land. It's also one of the saltiest bodies of water on the planet, making it a popular tourist destination. People come from all around to 'float' in its warm and therapeutic saltwater waters. Huge ridges surround the lake, providing breathtaking views of Jordan's shoreline. Sunsets are spectacular, as one might think, and can be seen from one of the many luxury hotel resorts that line the shore.

Watching the sunset at the end of the day is an adventure for most of us, it may mean finding a new favorite spot to watch the sunset or settle in a cosy beach bar to view the same, it is all about feeling the vibe of this spectacular place. Israel has gorgeous scenery, diverse civilizations, old cities, and, above all, the most breathtaking sunsets. So, watch the sunset in the most beautiful way possible at one of the Tel Aviv beaches, and trust us, this one isn't just for Instagram!

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