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Tel Aviv Beach Magazine: All You Need to Know About Tel Aviv Beaches

Tel Aviv is not for nothing considered one of the most attractive destinations in the Middle East in particular and in the world in general. The highlight in it was and remains the spectacular strip of beach that manages to conquer the visitors in its area every time again. So what makes Tel Aviv beaches so special? It's time to find out together.

Tens of thousands of tourists from around the globe crowd Tel Aviv every year, and there are many reasons for this. The fine cuisine, the vibrant nightlife scene, heritage sites and history that are a winning combination between the first Hebrew city and the modern city "without a break" and the hand is still out.

But if one has to point the finger at a major source of pride in Tel Aviv and one that manages to make it a magical destination sought after by a wide array of visitors and tourists of all ages, is of course the spectacular beach strip in the city,which is a magnet for diverse audiences. 

Maybe it's because of the city's special vibe that combines a magical strip of beach located within walking distance of major sites in the city, the unique holiday atmosphere or just because of the possibility to take a break from the eroding daily routine in favor of working on the sunbathing line.

In this article, we will shed light on a number of major beaches in Tel Aviv that are part of the northern coastline along the "Old North."

חוף בייז הילטון – גאווה במלוא מובן המילה 

If you belong to the LGBT community, this is probably one of the main entertainment hotspots for you during the summer season. 'Vows and also straights of course. They all come together for a special atmosphere of openness, tolerance and pan to the maximum.

At theGay beach You can also enjoy optimal access for the disabled (considered the most accessible beach in the country for the disabled) alongside a variety of attractions, such as water sports activities, a volleyball court as well as children's playgrounds and free Wi-Fi. The beach itself is also an attractive destination for surfers who also enjoy surfing at night, thanks to headlights installed on the beach and allow safe and enjoyable surfing even after dark.

To sum up: no matter who you are, what you are or how you define yourself - Bayz Beach Is simply the place to enjoy a magical and manicured beach, along with well-equipped facilities and beautiful people.  

The separate beach - for the benefit of the religious population

Tel Aviv is considered in its DNA to be a city that embraces all sectors and populations. Evidence of this can also be found on the separate beach located in the middle between Mezizim Beach Gordon and is designed most days of the week for boys and girls in the religious / ultra-Orthodox sector.

The beach that has accumulated a number of nicknames over the years, including: "Nordau Beach", "Sheraton Beach" or "Religious Beach" is intended on weekdays for an ultra-Orthodox / religious / traditional community, by dividing the beach space into open days for men or women bathing only. On weekends, it is already a completely different opera, with the beach becoming wide open for both sexes, an opportunity for more residents to enjoy it as well.

This is a relatively quiet beach compared to the beaches nearby, thanks to the fact that dogs are not allowed in its area, as well as water sports or parties. Recently, however, the municipality has invested large resources in favor of upgrading the beach and its facilities, from new hydraulic fitness facilities, accessible changing facilities, shading, disabled access, storage compartments and beach facilities (chairs, tables and umbrellas) at discounted prices.

To sum up: a beach with added value that, in light of its unique characteristics, manages to intrigue every time again. For evidence, The Separate Beach Proves time and time again that Tel Aviv is a city in which the values ​​of diversity and inclusion of the different populations are the name of the game.

Mezizim Beach - a family atmosphere with a nostalgic scent

You said Tel Aviv, you said Mezizim BeachOne of the must-see sites in the city that you simply must visit.

The beach, located northwest of Nordau Boulevard, is considered the last remnant of the mythical beach's past folklore, as befits the immortal film with Uri Zohar and Arik Einstein, and is intended primarily for families with children. On the one hand, it has preserved elements of its original appearance over the years, and at the same time showcases innovations such as a lively cafe and bar combined with rhythmic music that adds to the atmosphere, play and amusement facilities for children, storage compartments (for a fee), as well as a designated area for ball games and sticks.

The beach is recognized as having a "blue flag" standard given to beaches that meet strict criteria for purity of cleanliness and care, environmental management, safety and services as well as accessibility for the disabled and handicapped.

To sum up: if you feel like experiencing the Tel Aviv of yesteryear, or just if you are looking for a beach for family fun with the kids, Mezizim Is the perfect place for you!

The Dogs Beach - pay homage to our "best friends"

It is no secret that Tel Aviv is one of the cities with the largest number of dogs in the country. Along with dozens of parks and gardens designed for our good friends walking on all fours, you can also enjoy them together as part of"The dogs beach", From a dedicated compound where you can combine your two great loves - the sea and the dogs together.

This is actually a small strip of beach, which stands between the separate beach andBayz Beach, In which the dogs can be released and allowed to run around and splash in the water without any interruption. 

The beach itself does not include play facilities or special attractions, other than shading facilities, but this is also the secret of the magic that exists in it. Bottom line, your dogs also deserve to enjoy the beaches of Tel Aviv.

To sum up: although this is not the classic beach for the benefit of working on the tanning line, but it's okay too… It's time to pamper friends on all fours and spend time with them on a quality and unique Tel Aviv beach.

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