Tel aviv Gay beach

The gay Beach atBayz Beach Tel Aviv is the beach of the international gay community and was ranked first in the world in the list of the ten most friendly beaches for the gay, lesbian and transgender community.

If you feel like working on your tan and to see and be seen, you are definitely at the right place.
The popular American "Newsweek" Magazine rated the beach first and wrote:

Unlike many other beaches associated with the gay community, Bayz Beach Located within walking distance of the heart of the city.
Here you'll meet people from all around the world, all happy to begin a conversation with a new friend, and Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest.
Anyone looking for peace and quiet should come on weekdays."

A permanent pride flag was raised atBayz Beach At a height of 12 meters marking the International Day for Human Rights around the world, the beach hosts the celebrations of the official Pride events every year.

At the restaurant that services beach goers you will find a healthy, diverse menu, an abundance of alcoholic cocktails and a variety of seasonal fruit.

At the beach running The legendary Hilton Bay Surf Academic Surf Club were you will find a variety of water attractions, yoga classes, SAP rentals and private surfing lessons.

The beach is protected by lifeguards, and tanning beds can be leased for low prices.

Pride Beach

Sunday-Saturday 08:00-23:00



 The restaurant's Mediterranean kitchen strongly emphasizes using the freshest ingredients and fish and seafood that arrive every morning straight from Zikko, the city's famous fisherman.
 The staff and waiters are exceptionally service oriented and provide a pleasurable family atmosphere.


With the expansive beach, the culinary flexibility, our professional events team and our nearby surfing club that makes it possible to incorporate marine sports, you'll have a wide variety of options to create the perfect event.  

Be it a private or business event, a launching event, wedding or birthday party, Hilton Bay is the perfect venue to celebrate life.

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