Bayz Beach, one of the most popular, colorful, young, proud and fun beaches in the city of Tel Aviv, the beach that has become a household name in Israel and around the world, was chosen by the leading magazine "Weekweek" in first place in the list of "10 proud and friendly beaches worldwide" 2019. Some places in the world are happy to meet new people and open up fascinating conversations.

The big advantage of Bayz Beach is that it is close to walking from the heart of Tel Aviv. In light of the great sympathy for the beautiful beach, people from all over the world flock to it on weekends and weekdays. Bayz Beach is a unique, beautiful beach with a young character, with a particularly colorful vibe!

Bayz Beach Beach: One of the hottest beaches in the world!

Also in 2011 Bayz Beach was awarded the honorary title of "one of the ten hottest beaches in the world" by the American website GayCities, Who defined life in the city of Tel Aviv as the most turbulent, interesting and friendly life in the Middle East. Bayz Beach is no longer a regular beach like all the beaches, but rather has a crazy energy of fun, freedom, joy and love. Bayz is the most accessible beach in Israel for the disabled with disabilities.

Bayz Beach as it is called is located below the Hilton Hotel and Independence Park and is located in between Mezizim Beach Bayz Beach as it is called, is located below the Hilton Hotel and Independence Park, and is located between Mezizim Beach and the Service Road. The beach is about 14 kilometers long, and has optimal accessibility for the disabled and it is considered one of the most accessible beaches in the country. According to the Israel Accessibility Association, which conducted a comprehensive study, it was found that Bayz Beach is the most accessible beach for the disabled in Israel. Thanks to its accessibility, you will find disabled parking, disabled access from the beach to the promenade, disabled people can access the beach freely and easily and even enter the water.

The north shore of Bayz Beach is declared a designated area for dogs. On the other hand, the southern part of the beach is known as the number one surfing beach in Israel, thanks to which unique lighting lanterns have been installed for night surfing. If you visit Bayz Beach you will find sap and paddle board surfers, and even enjoy surfing lessons offered to the general public.

What Will You Find At Bayz Beach?

Bayz Beach is a declared beach, and you will find everything you need at the beach: toilets and changing rooms, sports facilities, surfing club, children's playgrounds, volleyball court, dog area, windsurfing, surfing and kayaking.

בילוי אקסקלוסיבי בחוף Bayz

The Bayz Bay complex, which opened on Bayz Beach in 2018, has become the popular entertainment center in the Tel Aviv scene, it has A beach restaurant and a pampering bar, Surf Club The famous "Bayz Surf" surfing club and a particularly luxurious lounge floor. The unique location and the spectacular view attracts every day - the Tel Aviv brass, tourists from all over the world and celebs - who come to enjoy good food, breathtaking views and unique and pampering entertainment. 

Culinary experience at the Bayz Bay Beach Bar restaurant 

מסעדת Bayz ביי Bayz Beach Bar Established in collaboration between the restaurateur and chef Harel Blue (owner of the restaurants "Sitara" and "Fishop") and the Israeli entrepreneur and businessman Miley Ronen. In the restaurant you can enjoy Asian fusion cuisine with a rich and quality menu that includes salads, sandwiches, meat, mazets, fish, seafood and flagship dishes based on local fish purity. In addition, you will enjoy a rich cocktail menu and a world-wide wine - one that will make the culinary experience a perfect experience. 

The restaurant hosts "Absolut Sunset" events featuring leading artists and DJs at sunset, the hour of special cocktails. The Bayz Bay complex is equipped with luxurious comfortable beds, large pillows, wooden grandstands, chairs, sun beds, quality and luxurious towels. The restaurant is open all days of the week, including Friday and Saturday from 8:00 until midnight. 

Perfect experience: cocktails, great food, good music and a hot tub 

So if you fancy an exclusive getaway at Bayz Beach Bayz Beach Bar This is the perfect place for you! The prestigious VIP complex will give you a panoramic view and a wonderful entertainment experience. Connecting Jacuzzi pools, lounge sofas, luxury beds for maximum comfort and relaxation - all along with unique music and a great menu. Do I need more than that? So go ahead, come hang out with us and book a place ahead of time due to the great demand. 



With the expansive beach, the culinary flexibility, our professional events team and our nearby surfing club that makes it possible to incorporate marine sports, you'll have a wide variety of options to create the perfect event.  

Be it a private or business event, a launching event, wedding or birthday party, Bayz Bay is the perfect venue to celebrate life.

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