The mythical Mezizim Beach, remembered from the movie "Mezizim", is located next to the southern side of the Tel Aviv port. The beach underwent a thorough renovation several years ago, and today contains sports facilities, playgrounds for children, a beach library for borrowing books, and other attractions that make it one of the attractive beaches in Tel Aviv.

Mezizim Restaurant located on the iconic beach near the Tel Aviv Port is a contemporary upbeat Mediterranean tavern that brings you a taste of Greek cuisine and energy.

Break away from your daily routine at the right location and listen to the sound of the blue waves and our excellent background music that will take you straight to the famous beaches of Greece.

Mezizim Beach has earned the "blue flag" international standard mark given to beaches that follow the highest standards of water quality, environmental management, accessibility to the disabled, safety and services.

You can park your car at the Ahuzat Hahof parking lot located on 1 Havakuk Street (a discounted parking lot for Tel Aviv residents). There are also other parking lots in the area, the largest being the Tel Aviv Port parking lot adjacent to Mezizim Beach.

Mezizim Beach

פתוחים כל יום מ-8 בבוקר ועד 23:00


The Kitchen

Our restaurant at Mezizim Beach is a tavern offering a Mediterranean culinary journey with emphasis on the purity of Greek cuisine starting with the choice of olive oil, vegetables, cheeses and fresh fish freckled from the sea every morning with first light.

The abundance of mezes combined with the non-stop pouring ouzo will take you sailing to the voices of Piraeus. 


Birthday, family event or social event - Mezizim Beach is the perfect location for you! We offer culinary flexibility in assembling the menu and a combined experience of a restaurant, beach and a variety of water sports activities.

Our event team at Mezizim beach knows how to accompany you with lots of love and patience, at any event you choose to celebrate - we are here for you.

Yasou! Let's set sail! 

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