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Every boy and girl goes to classes today. Some will go to creative classes, perhaps sports activities or enrichment in the realm of reality. Some will go to youth movement, to music or dance classes, and our ambition as parents is to give them the maximum: maximum enrichment, maximum fit, maximum comfort. True, we do not always know what is right for them and they do not always know for themselves, but it is always worth trying and adjusting, until we come together for the perfect match. 

The Hilton Bay Surf Academy surfing club in Tel Aviv offers a variety of water sports, SAP and surfing classes depending on the age and level of the students. Our classes will provide your children with moments of happiness and learning that they will not be able to experience anywhere else in such a short period of time, and especially teach them about one-time and most important lessons, and provide them with experiences that will stay with them for life and influence the adults they become.

Meet the Hilton Bay Surf Academy

We all have a friend who just started surfing, or a friend who started doing SAP. We all see the pictures on social media and the popularity that water sports have been gaining in recent years, so it's time for you to get acquainted too: the Hilton Bay Surf Academy surfing club.

At the Hilton Bay Surf Academy, your kids can learn from the best instructors, surfing, sap, windsurfing and sap yoga classes. Plus you can rent surfing gear and store your own surfing gear if you fancy going into the water as well, or you can sit on Hilton Beach with a drink or a good meal while your kids surf with us.

The surf club is located inHilton Beach in Tel Aviv, A beach that is accessible to people with disabilities and has a "Blue Flag" standard mark for environmental excellence, beach safety and water quality. We almost forgot the most important thing: it is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Tel Aviv. You can sit with your feet in the warm sand and watch your child develop, learn, rise and fall, build his personality and expand the toolbox to his life.

A bit of history - the leading surfing club in Tel Aviv

The Hilton Bay Surf Academic Surf Club is located atBayz Beach In Tel Aviv, which is considered the beach where the surfing culture in Israel was founded. Let's go back a moment, with your permission: during the 1950s lifeguards on the beach were the first to learn surfing in the country and were considered "crazy for it" in the eyes of anyone who watched them run into the stormy water with their surfboards. By the 1970s, they had been out there for a long time and they were called the "Hilton Beach Bunch." This group is the basis for the surfing clubs in Israel in general and in Tel Aviv in particular, and they are the ones who laid the foundation stone for the amazing surfing culture in Israel.

Happily, the municipality has set up the breakwater that has become one of the recognizable symbols of Hilton Beach in Tel Aviv, making the beach ideal for learning to surf: the waves are not too strong and the sea flows with the students, who learn to flow back with it. It is precisely for these reasons that we realized that our surfing club must be located on Hilton Beach, specifically in Tel Aviv.

The Hilton Bay Surfing Club was founded by Tal Machuro, a former Olympic windsurfer who won the European Championships in 2000. After retiring from competitive sports and working as a coach and director of surfing clubs around the country, he decided to open the surfing academy in Tel Aviv to pass on to the next generation the great love of surfing and skills The uniqueness she brings with her. As an energetic child, Tal's parents sent him to a variety of sports, but it was only when he discovered windsurfing that he was able to balance his energy and channel it to good and right places.

Why choose the Hilton Bay Surf Club?

There is no doubt that water sports are a trendy, fashionable and popular sport, and not for nothing is it so popular on social media. Lots of people have been exposed to water sports in recent years, and in a sunny country like ours there is not a single reason why not start practicing it as well. Of course, water sports also have great health value: all types of water sports exercise a large number of muscles in the body, develop coordination and increase cardio-pulmonary endurance. Our skilled instructors have instructed and instructed a large number of surfing groups, and will teach your children how to position themselves correctly on the surfboard, how to correctly catch the waves and a variety of techniques for proper use of the body while surfing.

Beyond all this, your children will receive a wide added value from participating in our surfing classes. The Hilton Bay Surf Academic Surf Club is built on the understanding that all types of surfing teach children a variety of life skills, far beyond just standing on a surfboard. The children develop a sense of independence, experience in challenges that are not part of the everyday but definitely affect them, complex situations that require immediate resolution and the ability to make decisions in the field. Surfing strengthens self-confidence, the ability to adapt to dynamic situations that are so prevalent in everyday life and take advantage of everything the sea brings with it.

So what do we offer you?

True, we have talked a lot about ourselves, but now the real stage has arrived - what do we offer you? 

The Hilton Bay Surf Academy offers classes for children of all ages in Tel Aviv, by an experienced and professional team of instructors who started their career in competitive surfing. The instructors of the surfing club make sure to convey values ​​such as team spirit, partnership, discipline, personal responsibility and mutual help. Surfing teaches kids to deal with situations that prepare them for real life and adulthood, get on the surfboard a second back after the wave drops you, recalculate speed quickly, get out of mental pattern, combine alertness and sharpness with softness and agility flowing with water and waves.

The surfing club also provides surfing lessons for adults, in groups or private lessons depending on the preference of the students. In all our classes we aim to give our students a sense of belonging to the family of surfers and in all of them the group is accompanied by a close instructor who conveys the group experience, but is also attentive to the individual need of each student.

Surfing classes are recommended for children with high energy levels, because the required skill of surfing involves all the senses: maintain stability on the surfboard, look and understand what the next obstacle is while the body's balance is constantly changing due to the waves, and this in parallel with other students And take responsibility in parallel with the personal responsibility of each of the students. The sea is a great place to unload energies, but it is also a great place to find balance.

We offer a variety of classes for a variety of ages, at all levels and all take place at Hilton Bay Beach, the most convenient beach for water sports in Tel Aviv, Starting Friday 10.1 and will last until the end of June.

Our classes are divided as follows:


Two hours, once a week, One month trial: 500 NIS

Two hours, once a week, for all ages (weekly fee): 500 NIS

Two hours, once a week, from ages 7 to adults: NIS 3,375

Two hours, twice a week, from ages 7 to adults: NIS 5,400

Two hours, three times a week, for ages 12 and up: NIS 7,200

Learning to surf at our surfing club in Tel Aviv can lead to excellent results, both physically and mentally. We teach children surfing with an educational vision that combines the values ​​of excellence in these two areas, with careful group study but with the individual vision of each student, listening to the needs that arise from them and adapting the materials taught to each and every one of them.

We already know about ourselves how much surfing has changed our lives, how much this activity has given and continues to give us extra importance to life, and we want and are happy to pass this knowledge on, and grow a new generation of surfers who use the knowledge they gain to advance in adult life. Who knows how to process the excellence they receive from us into their personal excellence.


Bayz Surf Academy

Sunday-Saturday 07:00-20:00




HILTON BAY SURF ACADEMY is experienced in producing private and business events revolving around marine sports for those who want to break the routine and escape to a few hours of fun at the heart of Tel Aviv.

The unique lagoon shape of the beach ensures you will enjoy calm, serene water most of the year, and the proximity to the restaurant makes it possible for us to create a marine experience you will never forget.

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