The Ultimate Guide to Plan a Perfect Beach Day in Tel Aviv

תוכן עניינים

Tel Aviv is one of the top beach locations in the world. Set on the beautiful shores of the Mediterranean Sea with an inviting coastline, it is a popular tourist destination with an Israel beach for everyone. Spend the day on one of Tel Aviv's beaches, which stretch from Jaffa in the south to Tel Aviv Port in the north.

Why a Tel Aviv beach day is a must

A full day at the beach is without a doubt one of the must-do activities in Tel Aviv. The weather in Tel Aviv is suitable for going to the beach all year depending on where you are coming from, but the best time to go is from the end of April to the beginning of September.

There are two really popular beaches: Jerusalem and Banana Beach. All of Tel Aviv's beaches have shade, however these areas are generally crowded with families early in the day. Take a hat with you at all times. Tel Aviv beaches have the softest sands of any Israeli beach, and the water is less salty than the Red Sea in the south making these beaches great for swimming.

How to pick a Tel Aviv Beach

Summer on the Tel Aviv beaches offers a wide range of beaches to select from. Because of its unparalleled beauty, Herzliya Beach is Tel Aviv's busiest beach. Banana Beach is a slightly less popular beach in the city, but it is very gorgeous. This beach gives travellers a much needed break from hectic city life.

Rent a bicycle or an electric scooter – rental services like Bird, Lime, and Mobike are available throughout the city. Cycle to Tel Aviv Tayelet, an urban promenade that stretches along the stunning shoreline. Stop for a dip or a game of matkot, an Israeli beach sport akin to beach tennis (a matkot set can be purchased at Shuk HaCarmel). Spread your towel on the honey sand and soak in the sun.

Surfing Tel Aviv

Hilton Beach, located near the northern end of the Tayelet, is popular for surfing in Tel Aviv, this is a great destination for both amateur and professional surfers. Fun fact: It was named so because of the musicians who gather here every Friday to jam and play some new, hip tunes. Boards can be rented from one of the several surrounding clubs.

A day in Tel Aviv would be incomplete without a stroll along the coastal promenade. The Tel Aviv Promenade spans 14 kilometres along the seaside, with people playing sand volleyball, working out, and resting on the sand. If you love your surfboard then surfing Tel Aviv is something you should not miss. 

Not to miss: Beach parties!

Along the promenade, there are bars and beachside eateries, as well as areas on the beach where you may rent a lounge chair for the day or even step in and chill in their restaurant-cafe. There are so many to choose from. There is a beach club tlv for everyone where you are there with your family, have gone on a boys trip to party or even just with your new partner to make new memories.

Beach Club TLV is the place to go if you like good cocktails and great views. Any great evening here should begin at a beach bar around sunset, with a cold beer on your lips and your toes pressed into the still-warm sand.

Hilton Beach is one of Tel Aviv's most popular, colourful, young, proud, and enjoyable beaches. The Hilton Beach Club has everything you need for a day at the beach, from sports facilities to kayaking. The Hilton Bay complex, which includes a beach restaurant and a pampering bar, has become a popular entertainment destination in Tel Aviv. The well-known "Hilton Surf" surfing club with a very opulent lounge floor.

On weekends, Tel Aviv's beaches may feel like one huge party. However, after nighttime, the beaches are also host to more organised partying on a wider scale. The action mainly revolves on Hilton Beach and Gordon Beach. After that, find a quiet backstreet wine bar to enjoy the offers of local vineyards, see some art at a 'gallery bar,' and possibly discover a live band. Whatever your scene is, there is something for everyone and the best of it at the beaches of Tel Aviv!

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